A Message from Charles Sewart

We are about to hold the fifth of our Chamber Music Academy sessions and it is great to see the project flourish with increased participation form both Purcell School students and those from other schools in the community.

We are incredibly fortunate to benefit from the huge wealth of experience and musical commitment of our coaches from internationally acclaimed quartets including the Chilingirian, Endellion, Sacconi, and Jubilee. It is a great joy to hear music making at this level from all the students as they get to know some of the great masterpieces of the chamber music repertoire.

I greatly look forward to the remaining sessions and I am delighted that, as the project develops, groups are starting to combine, enabling work on some larger scale works such as the Mendelssohn Octet and Brahms Sextet. It is fascinating to watch the interaction of different combinations of players in these groups in particular.

My aim is that the Chamber Music Academy will provide the basis and opportunity for students to work in the way that they wish; getting to know a broad range of this fantastic repertoire, having the space to work on chosen pieces in the greatest depth whilst developing the valuable skills of working productively in an ensemble alongside some of the most experienced and committed professional players.