9th Jan: The Piatti Quartet Perform

Recent prize winners at the 2015 Wigmore Hall International String Quartet Competition, The Piatti Quartet, returned to our Chamber Music Academy on Saturday . This time however was rather special as they added in a fantastic performance just for the academy members into their coaching packed morning!

The quartet immediately engaged the audience in their highly energetic rendition of Ravel’s String Quartet. What was easily picked up by the students is their ability to blend each others sounds together; sometimes almost sounding like one instrument. It was particularly exciting for one of our pupil quartets who had only just begun learning the same piece – they certainly were inspired to continue with their next session coached by Jessie Ann Richardson, the cellist of the Piatti Quartet and a alumni pupil.

After 2 movements, the quartet opened the floor for a question and answer session about playing in a quartet. The student questions ranged from simple to answer questions such as “where do you rehearse” and “how did you form” to much more difficult to answer questions including, “is the UK audience a concern” and “are there as many opportunities for quartets as there are for soloists.”

Nathaniel Anderson-Frank, Michael Trainor,  Jessie Ann Richardson and David Wigram