I love playing music with friends. I have found that it is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of music playing and when I started at Purcell School this September I wanted more than anything to play in the Chamber Academy. I am in a Beethoven string quartet and Mozart clarinet quintet and love them both! I am learning how to really listen to other members, and lead with authority. When we were rehearsing with our tutor last time, 30th January,  on the clarinet quintet we tried having our clarinet player different places in order to see which position suited us best. We settled on having him opposite me so that our original quartet could stay within the traditional formation and we found this really helped with how precisely we were playing together. All our tutors have really helped us grow as a quartet that hardly knew itself into something really great!


It has been amazing being tutored by the Piatti Quartet. In their concerts I could really see how they loved the music they were playing and when they were playing together they really were in tune with what every other member of the quartet was doing. It looked as though they were all one player. As tutors they have so much to teach us about. They suggest ideas in great detail on how the musical line should lie when we play it. Our intonation has improved so much by the way that they get us to stay on one chord until we get it just right!


I think Chamber Academy is an incredible experience where people who don’t usually get the chance to play with a chamber group have the opportunity to do a wide variety of ensembles.