14th May: The Elias Perform

Four of our fantastic pupils reflect on the Elias Quartet’s performance and look towards next sessions concert!


‘The Elias quartet were great – I loved them, great musicians. I think they tried to get us to see what the music was about and what it meant and how we imbue some character. The Brahms Piano Quartet I’m playing is one of the few pieces of Brahms I like, I particular enjoy the way the development subversively moves back into the recap without us knowing it. It’s a very clever composition devise that we have spent a sometime discussing and decided how to interpret (I think this was the moment when Brahms peaked)!’



‘I think the Elias tried very hard to link what the music was
trying to say with string playing technique. I’m playing the Ravel Quartet in F Major 1st Movement it’s quite hard to bring out the French sonority – Ravel writes with lots of different colours and it’s hard to bring out the different colours when it switches material but it’s a great piece so I’m looking forward to playing it.’



‘You could tell that the Elias Quartet was really passionate- there was so much energy but they managed to create a calm atmosphere for the Scottish Piece. The Shostakovich my quartet is playing at the moment is really ‘bangy’ there’s a lot of power and its often quite a disturbing piece so you have to get a lot of sound out the instrument. The Elias told us to use your whole body and made us think about the fact that music is a physical thing – not just mental!’



DSC_0703‘I loved the energy that Donald, one of our tutors, inspired into the group and his enthusiasm for coaching. He managed to get the whole group to engage with their performance more. I particularly like the way they communicated with each other and the energy they gave to their performance, it was very inspiring to see the coaches in action and encouraged us to work a bit harder on a Saturday morning! I particularly enjoyed the morbid atmosphere that the Elias Quartet set in their Schubert’