1st October 2016 – First Session back!

Having been generously sponsored again by The Albert & Eugenie Frost Music Trust, the Purcell Chamber Music Academy were ready once again to open the doors for the new academic year.dsc_0144

We accepted 12 fantastic external young musicians from around the country to work with 16 Purcellians. The groups were meticulously arranged by age and musical standard to form 1 string quintet, 5 string quartets and 1 piano trio. Our fabulous selection of tutors for this week included members of the Jubilee Quartet, Tereza Privratska (Violin I), Stephanie Edmundson (Viola) and Lauren Steel (Cello) as well as Purcell teachers Pal Banda and Susie Mészáros. Each tutor helped the groups start working together as a chamber ensemble whilst exploring music from Boccherini to Bartok.

Keep practising for our next session in November with the Piatti Quartet and Levon Chilingirian!