30th Sept 2017: 1st Session back

We at The Purcell School opened our doors once again on a late September Saturday for the start of this year’s Chamber Music Academy. The head of CMA, Charles Sewart, welcomed both new and returning participates in the main hall before settling into their new string quartets and getting stuck into some new repertoire.

We were delighted to welcome back out regular coaches Nathaniel Vallois along with the Jubilee Quartet. After a well earned break, all of the students mixed up and joined together to form 5 different chamber ensembles: 1 octet, 2 sextets, 1 quintet and a piano trio! This is a great opportunity for the pupils to explore a greater variety of chamber music and develop their musical interactions in a larger group.

With this year’s stimulating schedule and repertoire, enthusiastic young musicians and a host of eminent coaches this is set to be another exciting year for CMA!