Half way through the year!

The sessions are whizzing by as we move into the 5th Chamber Music Academy session of the year in only a couple of weeks. We have already had many of our regular coaches with tutors from the Endellion, Chilingirian & Jubilee Quartets.

The more time that the groups get to play together, the more in sync  they become. Getting better antiquated with the notes obviously allows you to pay more attention with what is going around you, but what other ways can a group of individual instruments begin to sound as one? One of our youngest quartets have been using an early Mozart String Quartet to find out how to do this and each of them had a point to say…

  1. Dotted rhythms are really hard to keep together. We were told to all try using the same part of the bow and tried very hard to not to let them swing. You can’t loose concentration!
  2. At one point we even tried not counting in our heads as much and relying more on listening to each other.
  3. Our bowing was really not together… we took some time to figure out with our tutor which bowing would be best and wrote it in all of our parts.
  4. We also struggled with the syncopation bit of the piece. Our tutor suggested the we practise without the tune and then add it on the top so that we had a solid layer that didn’t rock.

Some of the older and more experienced quartets have been working out what repertoire works well for them and exploring different pieces by the same composer.

DSC_0041.JPGWe are very excited to be having the Piatti Quartet returning to CMA on the next session to coach and perform to us all!