Fabulous Performances

During the second half of the year the pupils at the Purcell School Chamber Music Academy have been treated to performances from some of the UK most esteemed chamber musicians.

We opened our doors to the Doric Quartet who, for some of them, haven’t been back to the Purcell School since they were studying here themselves. They brought out their transition bows from the late 18th and early 19th centuries and explained to us that these are short and lighter than modern bows and you could hear the different sound and range of articulation that they gave the quartet when playing. The quartet played a movement of 3 contrasting pieces. Aptly, they started with a Purcell fantasy full of conversational lines before moving on to a stunning new piece by Ades, The Four Quarters: Days. The finished with the first moment from one of Beethoven’s greatest quartets, Op.130.

Nathaniel, Piatti Quartet coaching from the Violin IV seat in the Mendelssohn Octet.

In May we were delighted to have back the Piatti Quartet who have been visiting the Purcell School Chamber Music Academy for the past 3 years and regularly stun us with their break time performances. This time, the Piatti Quartet took the opportunity to give their first performance of Britten’s String Quartet No.1 before performing it at the Aldeburgh Festival. They played two movements; they memorized us with the stretched out and stratospheric violin lines of the first movement and those who already knew the piece bobbed along to the rhythmic playfulness of the final movement.

Next week in our final session, not only will we have the joys of listening to the Jubilee Quartet, but all of our pupil ensembles will be playing to each other and their friends and families in our end of year concert!