What our participants and their families are saying about our course…

‘I’ve really enjoyed my first year playing the viola at the Chamber Music Academy. It’s really allowed me to extend my skills as a viola player as well as giving me the opportunity to play some more advanced repertoire. I would not be able to do that without this course, as previously I’ve only played the viola at school, which didn’t allow me to improve as much as I have here. It’s given me a reason to play and practise the viola more, as well as get to know some really good pieces.’           

-Student A, feedback May 2016


‘We are immensely grateful for this tremendous opportunity for our son…to take part in this programme. He would not have otherwise had the chance to play chamber music with such good musicians; his playing has improved and it has enthused him musically. It is wonderful to see him develop his interests in this way and to see him motivated and excited about practising!’       

– Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Belinda Carrington, Feb 2015


‘I loved working with some amazing coaches and exploring new repertoire I’ve never played before-it’s a really wonderful opportunity and is so fun!’              

– Student B, feedback Jan 2015


‘I liked the welcoming atmosphere mixed with challenging music’          

 – Student C, feedback Jan 2015


‘I loved hearing different opinions on how the piece should sound. I really like just diving straight into the pieces’                  

– Student D, feedback Jan 2015


‘I liked playing in a new piece and new group each time and being able to play with professional chamber musicians within the sessions’          

 – Student F, feedback Jan 2015

Supported by the Albert & Eugenie Frost Music Trust and The Radcliffe Trust

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